Codario - Dependency Update Automation made easy.

How does it work?

Establish continuous delivery for updates of your package & dependency manager files, with full integration into your develop­ment tools & workflows.

Save time & focus on essential development tasks while Codario does the update job fast, reliable & most efficiently.

Continuous & efficient update workflows with codario.

Codario connects to your Git repository, monitors your package & dependency manager files, integrates with your CI tools & tools like JIRA to establish a full automated, transparent & quality assured update process.

The complete behavior can be configured individually and aligns seamlessly with your workflows.

High speed updating

Time is crucial for continuous security of open source dependencies. I can apply updates right after the release.

Workflow integration

Just like your team, I work with your dependency manager, your dev tools & your workflow. I love teamwork!

Continuous security

I detect new updates for dependencies & commit the critical ones to your app within a few hours - 24/7, of course.

Full Control

Are you afraid that an update could break your app? You have full control over the update & QA process I use.

Flexible deployment

I can trigger CI processes & deploy code changes after an update – just like all of your team members do.

GIT workflow

I work aligned to your git workflow & commit updates of your dependencies in the branch you want me to work in.

Transparent documentation

I take care of changes, I document all updates & I leave a comment about my actions for you on the update tasks.

Tool Integration

I work with your GIT repository & with any tool your team uses. I speak the most common language of REST APIs.

Active Alert

In case I need your help for testing or resolving merge conflicts, I will notify you so you can take action if needed.

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