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Monitor and remediate vulnerabilities in open source libraries. Establish continuous delivery for updates with full integration into your develop­ment tools and workflows.

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Codario connects to your Git repository, monitors your package and dependency manager files, and integrates with your CI tools and tools like JIRA to establish a full automated, transparent, and quality assured update process.

High Speed Updating

Time is crucial for continuous security of open source dependencies. Hence, Codario updates your dependencies in less than 4 hours after a release.

Simple Set Up

You can set up a project with just 5 clicks, manage all of your projects easily, and detect if your dependencies have vulnerabilities (CVEs).

Continuous Security

Codario detects new updates for dependencies and commits the critical ones to your app within a few hours - 24/7, of course.

Workflow and Tool Integration

Just like your team, Codario works with your GIT repository, your dependency manager, and your dev tools. Codario loves teamwork!

Full Control

Codario gives you full control over the update and QA process. For example, Codario can trigger CI processes and deploy code changes automatically.

Highest Standards

Codario follows the highest German security and GDPR standards.

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Plans & Pricing

Open Source security for teams of all sizes.


  • All package managers
  • All supported tools
  • Individual setup
  • 200 scans
  • Reports
  • API / CLI


  • All features of free plan
  • Unlimited scans

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  • All features of Standard plan
  • On premise
  • Support
  • Team management
  • Workspaces

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