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Simple Integration
Simple Integration
Your workflow will be the same as before and we automate as much as possible by simply integrating into it.
Better Security
Better Security
Your dependencies will get updated in less than 4 hours after a release so that no hacker can attack your product because of outdated versions.
Be in Control
Be in Control
You control all your projects easily, manage the versions and see if your code has vulnerabilities (CVEs).
Save Your Time
Save Your Time
You save up to 40% of your time if you use our solution with monitoring and update automation. Use this time for more important work and save money on maintenance.

Lukas Baumann

Pentester at LocateRisk

"Codario enables monitoring of the countless libraries used. This allows us to close vulnerabilities before they are actively exploited."

codario already checked 1.000.000 updates automatically

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Codario automates your dependency updates and helps you stay safe and secure.



Codario shows you if your repository or website is vulnerable because of outdated dependencies. With one click you get a great overview of all your dependencies, subpackages and versions for one project or in all your projects together. Easily check for the current available version.

Update automation

You get support by a new virtual employee who works like you did before just 24/7 and doesn’t complain about recurring tasks. Codario easily integrates into all your existing tools. You can trigger deployments, do manual tests or run automated tests and a lot more. It is up to you and the sky is the limit.


Isn’t it important to know the status of your codebase? You get reports for all your projects including a traffic light system. The dependencies, number of open and closed tasks, versions and vulnerabilites which have been closed will be shown. It is awesome to show it to your manager.

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